Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hibernation over.

So it was a long winter.

Lots has happened since then.

Here are some highlights:

>I've ridden 100 mile training rides more often than I ever have before, or ever want to in future. (Credit to Mr A. Lyons, Chelmsford, UK) only joking Andy!

>Andy improvised overshoes for me in -8 Celsius, yes that's packing foam, it works.

>Majorca Training Camp - epic fun and great bit of pseudo-homo erotic banter.  Needless to say, the Team bonded.

>I helped Dean and Ceri build our Team bikes, (by doing the coffee run a lot).

>I got my Team bike!

>I rebuilt my Team bike!  Thanks Marcos, you actually did this.

>I started racing with a power-meter,

>For the first time I raced next to Tao and Alex Peters in a senior RR (SERRL 1 LAMBERHURST), 2 people who have been crucial to my cycling development in the last 3 years.

>I waited around an awful lot in a lay-bye in Brentwood, come on Dean...

>I raced a Kermesse in Belgium, and finished, and won a bunch sprint, and made my entry fee back, 

..and ate chips and mayo washed down with Jupiler.

>I finished the Jock Wadley in the bunch,

>I watched Wales with the Grand Slam in Cardiff, 12 hours before waking up for the Peter Young Memorial RR, without touching a drop of Brains...

>I finished the Peter Young in the bunch.

>I finished 27th in the Wally Gimber,

>I dirtied my bike when we recce'd the Dengie Marshes course..

..(nice map Alan).

>I raced the Dengies, stayed with the front group until the 3rd time round the circuit, had a rear puncture, DNF.

>I decided that the Blue Egg Cafe is too far away to ride to every day, and have photographed this recipe to keep me settled when I'm not there,

I've lost no weight since December - there comes a point where no matter what you do, the scales stop moving regarless of how lean you might be getting, I think it has to do with growing muscle.

I referred to Bob Downs as 'the old fella in the red kit'. I was overheard, and definitely got my come-up-pence that afternoon when he stripped my quads, - sorry Bob..

I grew some tan lines much to my flat-mates' despair.  They're in the Fashion Industry...

I've raced harder and faster than I thought I could,
I realised that early season National Bs are actually just Premier Calendar events with less cameras,
I realised that results in Prems' are within reach,
I proudly saw Tao achieve his first win as a Junior in the Cadence RR,

Apologies to my Grandmother who will be appalled that I managed to start almost every sentence in this post with 'I'.  Bad form.

No results yet, but I'm in at the deep end.  Watch this space.