Monday, 21 January 2013

Starting 2013 with a Bang!

This weekend saw me drive up to Hog Hill for a bit of 'not training.'  I thought I'd give the Hoggenberg a blast, save pushing myself through the gears once again on a turbo-trainer in this foul weather.  Incidentally, I've started hoping that it will rain if only to aid the thawing-out of every side-street within the M25.

In temperatures of 0, complemented by a cool breeze which must have seen the wind-chill factor reach about -2, I rocked up to the line in my skin-suit in the hope that the racing would be furious to keep me warm.  Everyone else was in tights and hard-shells.  Inevitably, I could barely feel my digits by the time we were away from the line, so I attacked without much hesitation.

After about half a lap, I had 10 seconds and a single straggler on my wheel.  (By now, I could move my fingers enough to shift down to get over the hill).  And that was that.  I increased my lead to 1min50secs and my first points of 2013 were scored.  Without concerted response from the bunch, a solo-effort cutting every corner and pressing-on into the headwind will always stay away.  Or put another way, a shivering bunch thinking 'what the hell has he been doing all winter' will never chase.

I don't think the shock effect will work again this season.

Now for the conversation with Andy the Team Manager about 'what the hell I'm doing racing in January..'