Wednesday, 30 November 2011


This season, my shoe of choice had been the BONT A-One. In all honesty, it's not really out of choice. I bought these out of necessity. I have rather large feet and the typical limit of shoe size that I seem to find in the UK is 48. I need the next one up.

Bont make just about any size there is - and as a result of having used them, I have to say that they are now, without doubt my shoe of choice. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The fit is incredible.

Indeed they are an investment. However, I am convinced that they are worth the money. Stiff (and I mean like concrete), mouldable and hand made. I often get ribbed for wearing Crocs everywhere. Shoes, I have come to believe should look like feet. Feet, look a bit like clogs. Bonts look like both of the aforementioned. This means I like them.

I could sing their praises all night - but tonight I find myself re-moulding my shoes because the right one is rubbing my heel a bit. Winter has set in and I am using thicker socks, its colder so my feet don't swell as much when I ride - these factors as well as others I'm sure have conspired to irritate me.

So stick 'em in the oven. It does make for interesting conversation. My flatmate's boyfriend just came downstairs to make a chai-latte and he wasn't expecting to find the kitchen smelling like a cobbler's adhesive and a shoe in the oven. So he's gone back upstairs.

The procedure is quite simple - and infinitely repeatable - apparently. I haven't had any issues so far, although refitting my cleats between tests is a bit of a bore when using Speedplays - lots of screws!

I am struggling to make any sort of meaningful comparison between Werner Herzog's 'eat my shoe' fable and this much less culturally significant event. My shoes are as stiff when they've cooled as Herzog's upper lip when he smells boiling rubber.
I won't try to make another comparison. For everyones' sake.

Oven 70 degrees C.
Timer 20 mins.
Insoles and Cleats removed.

Socks on.

Shoes out.
Shoes on feet.
Press the shoes around your feet in all the right places.
Wait a minute.
Take them off.

Fit cleats.
Insert Insole.

Set up bike on turbo.

Test 'em.

Repeat until they're comfy.

Here's the official instructions.

I'm on my 3rd attempt this evening. I'll get there. Or I'll eat my shoes.